Australian Dependent - Child Visa

A Dependent Child visa (subclass 445) is a temporary visa for the child of a parent who holds a temporary Partner visa that does not already include the child.

If this visa is granted, the child also needs to make a permanent Partner visa application before the parent's permanent Partner visa is decided.

The child can be in or outside Australia when they apply for this visa.

If the child's siblings are also applying for this visa, they must lodge separate applications.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Child applying for this visa must be dependent child of parent who owns a temporary partner visa and sponsor needs to be an Australian permanent resident or holds and Australian citizenship

  • Child must be a biological child, step child or adopted child of the parent

  • Meet the health and character requirements

  • Should be younger than 18 years

  • Statutory declarations by both the parents to meet custody requirements

  • Financial & accommodation evidences required



  • Eligibility requirements may differ from applicant to applicant; we would study your case and documentation to guide you properly.

  • Visa approval time would be notified by the embassy post reviewing the documentation submitted

  • Visa application and document verification fee is applicable, for details speak to our team

  • Once Temporary visa is granted you would need to travel to Australia as per the designated time frame mentioned in your visa approval

  • Dependent child needs to lodge permanent visa application along or before parent application is processed.


What this visa lets you do:

  • Visa is valid till the parents temporary visa is valid

  • Visa holder can live,work, study and travel across Australia

  • This is multiple entry visa however you need inform DIBP about your travel arrangement once you have applied for a permanent visa

  • Visa holder can enrol for health care benefits once parent lodges permanent visa ( sub class -101)


How Lucas Worldwide helps you:

Stage 1: Our Processing team will get in touch with you and collect process related details which would help us to understand whether you would be eligible to apply for this visa or not.

Stage 2: Post understanding the complete details our team will clearly explain you all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3: Post opting for our services relevant documents list will be shared, we will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing

Stage 4: we will prepare the required application forms, affidavits or covering letters and any relevant declarations to support your dependent application

Stage 5: Appointment would be taken in the relevant consulate for submission of documents and biometrics

Stage 6: Once visa is approved applicants are required to book tickets to Australia

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