Canada Permanent Resident Visa

(Express Entry Visa)

Canada Permanent Resident visa or Express Entry visa has been designed by the government of Canada enabling highly skilled immigrants to become permanent residents and contribute to the Canadian economy.This visa allows an immigrant to become Canada permanent resident and acts as pathway for Canadian citizenship.

To be eligible for this visa,an applicant is required to acquire a minimum of 67 points or higher by qualifying under various factors, some of factors are listed below.

  • You should not attain 45 years of age when you are invited to apply

  • Your profession should match with Canada critical skills shortfall occupation list (NOC)

  • Recognized Relevant educational qualifications

  • Should prove English proficiency by achieving desired scores in specified English test i.e. IELTS General

  • Meet health and character requirements

  • Your professional’s skills are to be evaluated & certified by relevant Canada Authorities

  • Spouse Education and English Communication skills would be added advantage 

  • would require to show Proof of funds to support yourself and your dependents during Initial stay


What this visa allows you to do:

  • You will be issued permanent resident card with a 5 Year validity

  • The Canada PR visa allows the visa holder and dependents to live, work and study anywhere in Canada.

  • Enjoy social benefits like regular Canadian citizens including health care coverage

  • Protection under Canadian laws while staying in the country

  • Apply for Canadian citizenship post 5 years


How Lucas Worldwide helps you:

Stage 1: Your profile will be assessed by our evaluation team to understand whether your profile is suitable as per the Canadian Immigration requirements.

Stage 2: Evaluation report will be shared with you and clearly explained to you all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3:Once you opt for our services ,We will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing and suggest steps based on experiences.

Stage 4:As per the Immigration rules relevant formats would be prepared and we would continue supporting you through out all the stages of application processing till your visa is approved.

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