Denmark Investor Visa


Denmark welcomes anyone from any part of the world with a noble intent of investing in a business in Denmark. To facilitate favourable conditions for such prospective investors to migrate to Denmark, Denmark Immigration has introduced its prestigious Denmark Business Immigrant Investor Program. This program enables prospective investors across the world to migrate to Denmark, live there, invest in Denmark bases enterprises, make good business for them and in turn help Danish economy flourish.


Denmark Business Immigrant Investor Program:

This visa classified under the self-employed category as Denmark doesn’t offer citizenship or permanent residence for people looking to invest in a Danish business.

Following are the conditions that an applicant should meet to enter Denmark under this program:

  1. Must be able to demonstrate a genuine prospective interest in investing in a Danish business setup

  2. Must demonstrate affluence of finances to survive and sustain in Denmark all along the stay.

  3. Must demonstrate the involvement of the applicant in any such business personally by being present at the operational stations.


This visa is granted for a typical period of 1 year. If the holders intend to stay in Denmark beyond the period, they must apply for extension of the visa.


The visa also offers its holders who are able to secure either residence or work permit to bring their spouse and children to live in Denmark. However, it should be proven that the dependants who migrate to Denmark should stay under the same roof as of an applicant. The spouses are eligible to work for full-time as long as their stay. Their financial independence must be demonstrated to Denmark Immigration

How Lucas worldwide helps you: 

Lucas worldwide is one of the few consultants in India who have the right expertise to help an Investor set up his business in Denmark 

We specialise in business solutions for foreign companies looking to set up business in Europe. We focus on industries like Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Life Sciences, Cleantech and Maritime industry where Denmark holds proven competitive global strengths. Add to those an excellent geographical location with outstanding infrastructure and Denmark is your ideal hub for your European activities.

At Invest in Denmark we work as one global organisation with offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia. In close cooperation we offer foreign companies a customised one-stop-shop service.


Our services and solutions

  • Custom-made solutions for locating your project, business or research activities in Denmark

  • Information and analyses relevant to establishing business activities in Denmark, including strategic strengths, business climate, investment incentives, business costs and location factors such as distribution, work environment and human resources

  • A comprehensive bench marking service. Using a quality-cost matrix we objectively compare Denmark with up to 35 different global locations

  • Facilitating contacts and networks with potential partners, public authorities and research institutions

  • Planning customised fact-finding tours

  • Practical assistance in setting up a base in Denmark

  • Selected aftercare programmes to grow your business once you are here


We look forward to developing your business with you.

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