New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

The New Zealand skilled Migrant visa is designed as a specific visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer or a family member. The person who holds this visa can live and work permanently anywhere in New Zealand for an indefinite period. Certain family members can be included in the application .this visa allows you to become a New Zealand citizen over a period of time.


To be eligible for this Visa an applicant must score at a minimum 160 points or more by qualifying under various factors.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Your age should be less than 55 years

  • Your occupation should be listed on New Zealand Long term skills shortage list or absolute skills shortage list

  • Education should be comparable to the occupation which is listed in the New Zealand Long term skills shortage list

  • Education must be comparable to the standard of New Zealand listed qualification

  • Your work experience should be comparable to the New Zealand labor market requirements

  • You need to prove your English language proficiency

  • Your Partner skills or Educations qualification will give you additional points to qualify

  • If you have job employment , Education in New Zealand it will give you  additional points to qualify

  • Any close family members residing in New Zealand can also add value to your application

  • Meet health and character requirements

What this visa allows you to do:

  • New Zealand Skilled migrant Visa is issued for 5 years, however visa holder once entered can stay for an Indefinite period

  • This is multiple entry visa allowing you to live and work anywhere in New Zealand ( 2 year Travel Conditions apply)

  • For reissue & extension of another 5 years of this visa you need to stay at least 2 of the 5 yrs. lawfully in New Zealand for initially issued visa.

  • Your dependents can study and work in New Zealand without any additional visa.

  • You can apply for New Zealand Citizenship

  • Sponsor eligible relatives to be permanent residence visa

  • Enroll in New Zealand Medicare for health related care and expenses

  • Access to certain social security payments*



  • Eligibility Requirements may differ from applicant to applicant we need to study to assess relevant application requirements

  • Processing times vary from application to application however most of the applications are being cleared within 6 months post ITA (Invitation to apply).

  • EOI selection is done every two weeks

  • EOI (Expression of interest) is valid for 6 months only; hence your application is required to be carefully assessed before we apply.

  • We can re-lodge EOI post expiry of initially submitted EOI

  • Fees such as Qualification assessment,EOI application, visa application,Health & character, courier, English Language eligibility and Visa application center fees would be applicable


For more details please speak to our team


How Lucas worldwide helps you:

Stage 1: Your profile will be assessed by our evaluation team to understand whether your profile is suitable as per the New Zealand Immigration requirements.

Stage 2: Evaluation report will be shared with you and clearly explained to you all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3: Once you opt for our services ,We will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing.

Stage 4: As per the Immigration rules relevant formats would be prepared and we would continue supporting you through out all the stages of application processing till your visa is approved.

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