100 Billion Dollar Company

Globally Ranked among the ‘Top 15 companies’ by the Forbes Magazine in 2016.

Since its origin in the year 1987 the company has established itself as one of the market leaders offering services worldwide across different spectrum's of business. With its motto of ‘Inspiring Confidence’ and ‘Empowering Change’ it has built successful businesses today which have a revolutionary impact on the Global Economy.

Welcome to KPMG, backed with 37 years of experience in the field of Auditing, Advisory and Taxation services. KMPG has been instrumental in supporting businesses across industries on their day to day financial aspects.

The company has spread its roots across 155 countries with presence in 1862 major cities across the globe.

Today the company has a head count of 189,000 employees and additional of 174,000 working professionals in their member firms whose collective expertise have contributed in generating annual revenues around 84.7 billion dollars, the company is currently valued at 100 billion dollars.

One of the major entities of KPMG is KPMG Australia which is playing a key role in enhancing the Australian economic growth with the help of its subsidiaries KPMG Australian services Pty Ltd & Valclare Pty Ltd in Australia.

The company has operational presence in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and few other major cities in Australia , its strategic presence has helped the company recruit skilled professionals in fields of Information Technology, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing and Data sciences.

Over the year’s employees have persistently rated KPMG,Australia to be one of the Best Company to work with as the company believes that every employee is an asset, The company provides a platform where in every employee can exercise his views and opinions which they believe can contribute towards the growth of the enterprise, empowering them to think independently with a sense of responsibility.

KPMG offers lucrative pay scales to professionals on the basis of their experience and skillset. The average pay scale for an individual with an experience of around four years is any were between A$57,900- A$73,200 p.a. in addition to other employee benefits.

To know more about KPMG https://home.kpmg.com/xx/en/home.html and to view Job openings in KPMG Australia visit https://home.kpmg.com/au/en/home/careers.html.

Why Australia needs you?

Due to low population in Australia around 2.5 crores which is 50% less than major Indian Metro cities and other contributing factors, Australia needs to ensure that it has relevant skilled workforce VS industry requirements.

To fill this gap, the government of Australia is offering Australia permanent resident visa to skilled professionals from across the globe, the Australia PR visa holder can settle down in Australia along with his dependents and become an Australian Citizen in due course of time.

Professionals who would like to apply for this visa don’t need to have a job offer from an Australian company.

There are many Job opportunities in Australia for various people from various professional backgrounds. job opportunities for chartered accountants in Australia, job opportunities for financial analysts in Australia, job opportunities for cost accountants in Australia, job opportunities for investment bankers in Australia, job opportunities for internal auditors in Australia, job opportunities for IT professionals in Australia, job opportunities for software engineers in Australia , job opportunities for network administrators in Australia , job opportunities for cyber security experts in Australia , job opportunities for data scientists in Australia and many other skilled professionals of different backgrounds.

If you are a skilled professional having experience in field of Information Technology, business analytics, finance ,data sciences, marketing and other fields and want to work in Australia all you need is a Permanent Resident visa.

To know if you are eligible to apply for Australia PR visa you can Reach Us

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned about KPMG is taken from the official websites of the company ,We do not claim/own the information provided about the company. Concerns can be mailed to reachus@lucasworldwide.in we will respond back at the earliest.

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