Australia International Taxation

Australia International Taxation cases changes under various scenarios where permanent residents of Australia or individuals holding Australia PR visa are subjected to Australia Income Tax.

Some of the common cases are:-

Coming to Australia Any individual who earns money in Australia, by coming to Australia with the intention to reside permanently, study or even on a holiday will have to pay Australia income tax and lodge an Australia Income Tax return. In order to work in Australia, an individual needs to have an Australia work visa and an Australia Income Tax file number which can be obtained with ease.

Individual who hold an Australia PR visa are considered as the permanent residents of Australia and are free to work anywhere in Australia.

Going Overseas If an individual has remained a permanent resident of Australia and is leaving Australia for work, he is liable to the following conditions as per the Australia Income Tax Law.

  • The individual must lodge an Australian Income Tax return and declare all the foreign employment income, including any exempt income also.

  • The individual must declare the income even if the income was taxable out in the country where the income was earned.

  • The individual must lodge online return from overseas.

Investing in Australia Income earned from investing in Australian resources is taxable in Australia. Even, foreign residents who earn income from Australian resources are taxed in Australia.

For interest, unfranked dividends and royalties tax is generally withheld in Australia at the time of payments. But if an individual receives a rental income from Australian Properties or capital gains from selling Australian properties, he must declare these amounts in an Australia Income Tax returns.

Investing Overseas Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia are taxed upon the worldwide income, the income which is derived from all the below listed sources.

  • Income from the offshore bank accounts

  • Interest income from foreign securities

  • Rental income from overseas property

  • Capital gains on overseas assets.

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