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The Northern Territory is the federal Australian territory sharing borders with Western Australia to the west, South Australia to the south, Queensland to the east and the Timor Sea to the north.

The state covers nearly around 13, 50,000 square kilometers of land area with the population of over 250 thousand people residing in the territory.

Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory and is the largest city of the state. Maximum of the inhabitants reside in the capital city and the rest in other major cities of Northern Territory namely Palmerston, Alice Springs, Litchfield, Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Tennant creek, Wadeye, Jabiru, Yulara and many more.

There are more than 100 Aboriginal languages and dialects spoken in the Northern Territory in addition to English which is the most common language spoken due to large amount of inhabitants beings immigrants who have come to Australia on Permanent resident visa.

The Northern Territory economy is highly driven by construction, mining, oil and gas and energy industries producing precious metals and energy. The states oil and gas companies contribute 7% of Australia’s gross domestic products with major production of LNG gas across the region, which is exported to international markets of Japan, China, Indonesia and also the United States.

The Northern Territory is strategically located to capitalise on significant reserves of oil and gas. In addition to the abundant gas fields offshore, it is estimated that are more than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas contained in six onshore basins – enough gas to power Australia for the next 200 years.

There are several prominent oil & Gas companies in Northern Territory,Australia.

The US$37 billion INPEX Ichthys LNG project is in the final stages of construction.Production is anticipated to commence in 2018 and continue for 40 years. At its peak, the project is expected to produce 8.9 million tonnes of Liquefied National Gas (LNG) per year. In addition, 100,000 barrels of condensate (a premium by-product of gas that is added to some fuels to improve their quality), will be produced per day, making it one of the largest oil and gas projects in the world.

Darwin is also home to a ConocoPhillips-operated LNG plant, the only LNG plant using aero-derivative gas turbines as refrigerant drivers. It is the southern hemisphere’s first helium production plant and produces enough helium to supply the entire Australian market.

Currently underway is the construction of an AUD $800 million Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline which will connect NT gas fields with the gas markets in Eastern Australia.

Apart from Energy companies in Australia there are several other IT & Non ITES companies in Australia Northern Territory, some of the companies are mentioned below.

In order to work with the top global companies in Australia an Individual needs to have the “Right to work Status” which can be obtained by applying for an Australian PR visa.

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Why Australia needs you?

Due to low population in Australia around 2.5 crores which is 50% less than major Indian Metro cities and other contributing factors there is a low percentage of skilled graduates at the university level creating an imbalance of skilled workforce availability vs. industry requirements.

To fill this gap, the government of Australia is offering Australian Permanent resident visa to skilled professionals from across the globe, the PR visa holder can settle down in Australia along with his dependents and become an Australian Citizen in due course of time.

Professionals who would like to apply for this visa don’t need to have a job offer from an Australian company.

If you are a skilled professional having experience in field of Information Technology, business analytics, finance, data sciences, marketing and other fields and want to work in Australia all you need is a Permanent Resident visa.

To know if you are eligible to apply for Australia PR visa (Reachus)

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