Financial Capital of Nova Scotia,Canada

A vibrant seaport city famous for warm and welcoming hospitality in nature, holding a reputation as one of the Canada’s preferred destinations by Business communities is the city of Halifax which is also the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, Canada. Halifax is one of the largest population centres in Atlantic Canada, geographically located in the heart of Nova Scotia.

The city of Halifax is not just known as prime business destination but also known for its historic significance with places such as the Hilltop citadel a star shaped fort built in 1850’s and not to miss out the waterfront warehouses.

Information technology companies Bell Canada, Beyond Trust, Capgemini, CGI, Dell, IBM and several other IT companies have their offices in Halifax. Apart from being IT hub Halifax also has other industries such as Pratt and Whitney, IMP Aerospace who are in to aerospace manufacturing, several other companies which are in to Agriculture, fishing, mining and natural gas extraction.

These companies are playing a significant role in creating abundant employment opportunities and also contributing to the increase of local as well as Canadian national economy.

Halifax has been attracting the attention of job aspirants not only from other Canadian states but also immigrants who have migrated from around the world on Canadian PR visas.

Canadian government has invested nearly 54.8 Million Canadian dollars to develop infrastructure enabling the growth of the economy, and make Canada an even better place in which to live, work, and raise families.

You can be a part of the growing Canadian economy not as work permit holder but as Canada Permanent resident, to become a Canada PR visa holder Click here speak our Immigration Team.


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