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Connecting Australia since the year 2000, the airways has turned out to be the first choice for people flying in and out of Australia

One of the primary motives of the company has been ensuring passenger comfort ability and safety. The airline has been bagged with a number of awards in the aviation sector such as the finest domestic airline by the national travel industry in the year 2015, the best airline in Australia 2016 and Inflight airline of the year by Asia-pacific awards, 2017.

The airline believes in making a difference for value for money and innovation.

With a team of 9800 members and a fleet size of 101 aircrafts it is one of the best airline companies in Australia with revenues of 11.6 billion dollar annually.

Welcome to Virgin Australia Airlines.

Virgin Australia operates across all major cities of Australia along with its subsidiaries and regional airlines. With major hubs in Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Airports Virgin Airlines connect to the whole of Australia.

Virgin also has its international operational presence across New Zealand, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Thailand and Hong Kong.

It delivers a quality service by empowering its employees and facilitating and monitoring customer feedback to continuously improve customer’s experience.

The airways provides passengers with a number of benefits, pleasurable stay destinations, cruise trip support and holiday packages to Fiji, Hamilton Islands, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Virgin Australia has also introduced the velocity frequent flyer program where in lucrative and attractive discounts and points are given to passengers on using Virgin services which can be redeemed to use wide range of services or buy products.

Virgin Airlines regularly release vacancies for young individuals to join as air pilots, job opportunities for technical engineers in Australia, job opportunities for aircraft engineers in Australia, job opportunities for aircraft technicians in Australia, job opportunities for aerospace engineers in Australia, job opportunities for marketing managers in Australia and many other skilled professionals of diversified backgrounds.

The company ensures that there is a 50-50 cadet ratio of males and females in different job positions of the company setting a perfect example of gender equality.

Jobs in the Australia aviation sector provide lucrative pay scales, paid luxury trips and a wide range of other benefits to employees making them the most demanded jobs in the world.

In order to work with the top global companies in Australia an Individual needs to have the “Right to work Status” which can be obtained by applying for an Australian PR visa. (Know More)

Why Australia needs you?

Due to low population in Australia around 2.5 crores which is 50% less than major Indian Metro cities and other contributing factors there is a low percentage of skilled graduates at the university level creating an imbalance of skilled workforce availability vs. industry requirements.

To fill this gap, the government of Australia is offering Australian Permanent resident visa to skilled professionals from across the globe, the PR visa holder can settle down in Australia along with his dependents and become an Australian Citizen in due course of time.

Professionals who would like to apply for this visa don’t need to have a job offer from an Australian company.

If you are a skilled professional having experience in field of Information Technology, business analytics, finance ,data sciences, marketing and other fields and want to work in Australia all you need is a Permanent Resident visa.

To know if you are eligible to apply for Australia PR visa (Reachus)

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned about Virgin Airlines is taken from the official website of the company, we do not claim/own the information provided about the company. Concerns can be mailed to reachus@lucasworldwide.in we will respond back at the earliest.

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