Most Liveable city in Australia

Do you know? There is a city which is rated as the best liveable city in the whole world! OK, let me give you some hints. It has 30% of its population who is overseas. Still not being able to guess?

Let me give you guys another hint. It is rated as most Eco friendly city from Australia.

What about another hint? It is one of the capital territories from Australia. Tired of guessing?

Anyways, let me introduce you to the most distant location and a very colourful city, Canberra. Meaning of which is ‘Meeting Place’.


Various people from different countries have loved becoming an Aussie due to the Stress Relieving Atmosphere as well as huge employment opportunities in Canberra on Australian skilled immigration visa. Apart from that Canberra is home for keen artist. It has long catalogue of idiosyncratic cities which doesn’t fail to amaze tourists. On number one Australia’s largest inland city comes well known as Canberra.

While talking about Canberra Culture, this city is home to numerous museums, memorials and other important edifying places to visit. Open to general public kind of Aussie Government buildings around the city makes Canberra one of a kind. When you are in Canberra, you can experience both the worlds from garden city of urban developers to awe-inspiring natural reserves and bush lands. That is the reason why I called it as Eco-friendly city.

If you are a huge wine fan then this is best city for you because Canberra is renowned for its fresh, top-quality and award-winning winery’s city. Anyone can take a long kind of ride to taste the cool climate wines served by winemakers. Top rated restaurants and gourmet produce that will never fail to please any foodie.

Apart from these things, Canberra has jam-packed calendar of vibrant national events. Floriade night Festival offers stunning spectacle of colour, light and entertainment that has become a significant event for the city. Not to forget about a big munch- Canberra Balloon Spectacular, one of the best and longest running hot air ballooning event in the world. A nine day event, where pilots inflate their balloons on the lawns of Old Parliament House from early morning provides enchanting views to the Canberrans. The balloons are in various special shapes from across the globe adds sense of novelty to the stunning set each day.

From world-class architectures to Australian National University which is having rank #25 in world, must say it is combination of both beautiful and smart. Your Australian tour will never be complete without visiting this capital territory. It is the best place to sample some of the Australian Aborigines culture. Truly said by Charles Schulz,” Don't worry about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia”. Canberra city is certainly worth adding to your bucket list.

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