Need of Immigrants

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

In India six out of ten people today have a vision to settle down abroad and lead a better life when compared to home environment, every individual has a very calculated motive as to why they opt for settling down in a different country.

Some of the key motives could be:

  • Superior Life style, Mature society

  • Better Job opportunities & working environment

  • High currency value

  • Multiple benefits as a Citizen

  • Health Care benefits

  • Visa free access to majority of the countries

  • Sponsored Child Education , superior teaching methodologies

  • Prominence to sports

  • Lower corruption rate

  • Equal opportunities for all Genders

  • Opportunities are based on merit and not on colour and race in all the areas let it be schools, college, sports and jobs.

  • No Gender biased laws enabling safer & Non-humiliating life.

However one of the most critical thoughts which occur in every Individual’s mind who has ever heard about words such as Immigration or Permanent resident visa’s being offered by various developed countries are.

  • Is it really possible can I get Permanent resident visas in developed countries?.

  • When they are already developed why do they need immigrants???

The Answer is a Big “ YES” , Developed countries require Immigrants and countries such USA,Australia , Canada and other major countries are creating various visa options to attract Immigrants from across the world.

Some of the visa options being offered are:

  • Student visas

  • Post study work visas

  • Work permits

  • Permanent resident visas

  • Investor visas

  • Distinguished Talent Visa( Arts,Culture,sports)

  • Refugee visas

Visa options can vary but the ideology remains the same “They need more Immigrants “

Let’s us look at the top motives behind countries offering various Permanent resident or other visa options to attract immigrants.

  • Low birth rate & ageing population resulting in Low population rate , Ex : Canada & Australia both Combined have a population not exceeding 6 -7 crores, which is 80- 90 % lower when compared to world statistics.

  • Jobs & skills mismatch ( jobs require advance technical skills levels)

  • Demand for high talent professionals and no increase in graduate population

  • Diminishing talent pool as high school dropouts percentage increased

  • Current work force is expected to completely exhaust and retire by 2030

  • Increased demand graduates in STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering & Maths)

  • Immigrants contribute to the increase of foreign revenue & contribute to the Tax

  • Unoccupied & Undeveloped huge land mass, if cultivated and developed it will increase the economy of the country.

Australia, Canada and many other countries consider Indians as ideal choice as they are clever, well educated & give utmost important to education, high entrepreneur skills, Possess high analytical & Technical skills &, fact based thought process

Indians have ascended to the heights of the biggest firms, too. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s boss, was born in Hyderabad. Sundar Pichai, who runs Google, the main division of the firm Alphabet, hails from Tamil Nadu.

To get the most out of the current Immigration rules & to become a global citizen Get your Permanent resident visa now Click here.


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