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Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Significant Canadian immigrants who have migrated to Canada using Canada Federal skilled worker visa, and gained Canada permanent resident status have made Richmond as their home as Richmond is a culturally diverse and geographically unique community centrally located on Canada's West Coast, in Metro Vancouver. The City is 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, and 25 minutes from the US border and it is the location of Metro Vancouver's international airport.

Richmond has been experiencing growth and change with remarkable speed, transforming from a rural, local community to an international city with a balance of urban, sub-urban family, and rural areas.

There are many career opportunities in Canada and just Richmond's economy supports over 126,000 jobs in various sectors including services, retailing, tourism, technology industries, light manufacturing, airport services and aviation, agriculture, fishing and government. In recent years, Richmond has been emerging as a leading centre for high tech industries.

Richmond is known throughout the Vancouver region for its quality Parks, Trails and Cycling Routes, Recreation and Community Centre facilities, and its Arts, Culture and Heritage facilities. It has International Buddhist Temple which resembles to Beijing’s Forbidden City.

One of the most sought after places by Canadians and as well visitors visiting Canada on visitor visa is the Richmond night market. It provides the Canadians with a North American take on the massive street markets found in Asian Cities featuring more than 100 merchandise booths and Food vendors serving more than 500 varieties of street food and Desserts around the world. Richmond night market has become an annual tradition for the people living over there.

With small admission fees you can enter in the world of entertainment. Apart from food, Thrilling games and prehistoric adventure Dino Park are other attractions of this market. Talking about thrilling games, there is lot of things to experience while you are in Richmond night market. There are new rides and games for kids which includes Cake Bumper Cars and Pirate Bumper Cars. This is the place where your kids will have best time of their evening.

Another main attraction in Richmond night market is its Prehistoric Dino Park. You will definitely be in awe and wonder to see 18 roaring and moving dinosaurs who will take you on prehistoric adventure. And the funny thing is that they even pose for a selfie! It’s definitely Birthday Celebration of prehistoric proportions.

For the young ones there’s a giant kid’s zone, with inflatable fun, including the Magical Smiley Castle! There are cute baby dinosaurs, and happy face characters to meet, playful fountains and a Talking Tree, who’s always looking for company!

If your kids are looking for a challenge, there’s a newly expanded games area, where you can try your luck and show off your skill at popular carnival games, and win yourself, or a certain someone some cuddly stuffed animals. Our midway rides are guaranteed to thrill… from helicopters, Octopus, Ferris wheel and Obstacle course, you’re sure to get Adrenalin rush. And of course there’s our always popular Water Walker.

There is so much more to experience in Canada, It’s not just IT professionals who have the opportunity to become a Canada permanent resident you can also have a Canada PR visa , If you like to migrate to Canada click here.



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