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Updated: Mar 31, 2018

I have been an avid traveller for last two years, I have made it a point to visit various new countries and learn about the local lifestyle and culture.

But this time when I had visited Australia it was a mesmerising experience filled with fun, thrill and lot of memories.

From the time I took the flight to Australia and till I reached Sydney airport I had a completed a good 14 hours in the flight, but when you Travel by Lufthansa you experience luxury at its best.…. You hardly feel the jet lag.

Though I was in Australia on a business trip I made sure to take out time from my schedule and chalked out a plan to explore Australia. To start with I have made a list of places to explore in Sydney, Where I was put up. So let me quickly see; what are the best places in Sydney, Australia which I can cover in the next three days.

My assorted list of options included:

  • Sydney Opera house

  • Sydney harbor bridge

  • Circular quay

  • Queen Victoria building

  • Sydney beaches

  • Campbell Parade

I shared the list with my colleague Brian who told me I have listed the best choices, Brian said you need to experience to understand what I meant about the best choice.

I wrapped my business meetings with the client sooner than I anticipated, Good lord now I have ample time to experience Australia.

The first place I had planned to visit one of the world's great icons i.e. Sydney Opera house, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the star attraction on the glittering harbor.

Seeing is believing..! I was like WOW, WOW and WOW! … Such a beauty! This was one such moment in my life which I will cherish, watching a graceful building…shaped like shells, perches on a finger of land surrounded by water, a view in twilight is something you wouldn’t want miss in a lifetime.

The Sydney Opera House is known as performing arts center in Sydney, Australia. I preferred to go on backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House as I was very curious to know what happens at the backstage. The backstage is as dramatic as the front stage. It was a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the passionate world of the performers who have given spellbound performances on front stage.

Next I went to Circular Quay, which is a ferry terminal from where the Sydney Opera House as well as Harbour Bridge is very easily accessible at a shorter distance. Very peaceful places where you can enjoy watching cruise ships pass right before you. I slowly headed towards the Harbour Bridge which I was admiring from the window of my hotel room , as I was taking stroll on Harbour Bridge the view combined with a refreshing breeze was giving me Goosebumps.

Most of the tourists cannot leave Sydney without visiting the famed Bondi Beach. When I went there, the beached seemed to be like curvy moon. It is a kind of beach where you would end up lazing around and getting tanned.

As I lazed around I was able to view a group of surfers ride the waves, waves were sometimes very high enough to drown a mid-size ferry boat but it was treat to watch the surfers playing with the waves.

For the shopping enthusiast Campbell Parade was the right place which is filled with surf shops, fashion shops, outdoor cafes and bars, While Campbell parade Is known as a popular meeting place for Sydney’s cafe society Lets not miss out the Hall street which is an known for its eye catching art galleries and handcrafted jewelries.

Apart from tourist attractions, the night life of Sydney is very admirable. Having delicious food and enjoying the live music in bar was unforgettable for me. Chugging different varieties of quality wine and admiring the beauty of Sydney City at night can be an awesome experience. I wish I could have covered all the places in Sydney but was running out of time.

One thought is on top of my mind, Australia for sure would top the list of my favourite holiday destinations.

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