Wings of Australia

The first wings of Australia flew in the year 1914, since then the Australian aviation has come a long way, from witnessing an Australasian balloon (the first flying object to land in Australia) in suburbs of Victoria City in 1858 to the worlds’ largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 being landed in Sydney in 2007 there has been wide technological growth and development in the Australian aviation sector.

Do you know ? The first airport to be built in Australia was an old racing ground acquired from Mr Nigel Love, a former wartime pilot which was later converted into an airport, today commonly known as the Sydney Kings ford Smith International Airport. It was the first airport to begin passenger operations for Aircraft's in the Australian continent.

Australia has more than 350 airports operative with 37 of them providing direct international travel which are spread across all major cities of Australia namely Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide , Canberra, Darwin and many more rendering services to more than 50 million people annually.

The Australian aviation sector has presence of major airlines like Qantas, Virgin Australia Airlines, Jet star Airways, Tiger Air Australia and Regional Express Airlines connecting Australia internally and externally.

Qantas Airlines

It is the first passenger flight to start international operations from Australia. Apart from operating international flights,the airline today connects all parts of Australia from north to south and east to west. Qantas Airlines is the founder of the one-world airline alliance which is one of the biggest international airlines alliances in the world with 13 full airline members having carried more than 527.9 million passengers.

Virgin Australia Airlines

Virgin Australia has been connecting Australia since the year 2000, with team of 9800 members and presence in all regional areas of Australia, it is the first choice for people flying in and out of Australia. It is the finest low cost airline operating in the Australian continent with the objective of providing their passenger a comfortable and luxurious air travel at affordable rates. The airline also operates international flights to United States, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Jetstar Airways

The company has grown as a market leader in providing low cost carriage benefits to passengers all across Australia. It has also emerged out to be the top pick for international passengers coming to Australia for leisure and recreational activities.

Over the years, the airline has ensured that its fares are economical enabling more & more passengers travelling in and out of Australia. Since its establishment in the year 2004, it has flown more than 300 million passengers. It operates more than 4,000 flights a week covering 75 destinations in 17 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region with a fleet of more than 70 aircrafts.

Regional Express Airlines

It is Australia’s best regional airline outside the Qantas group and serves New South Whales, South Australia, Victoria, North Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. Its entire fleet of 52 Swedish built Saab340 turboprop aircraft's transporting more than 2 million people annually. It has operating bases in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and many other airports in the major cities of the country.

These airline companies in Australia provide numerous job opportunities in Australian aviation sector for Pilots, Technical Engineers, Aircraft Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Air traffic Controller and many more job opportunities in Australia.

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