Work permit or Permanent Resident Visa

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

An irrevocable thought which protrudes on every individuals mind irrespective of gender who are seriously considering options to choose a better life is which option is better.

Should I opt for Work permit or should I opt for Permanent resident visa.

Two years back I was also in a similar situation pondering what is right or what wrong choice me which made me introspect is and I decided to change my career for the moment to find a solution which enables me to make the right choice.

As an employee working in IT industry with over 10 yrs exp and having occasionally travelled to onsite on assignments,my first choice has always been the Work permit which was a comfortable and secure option for me post spending considerable time working hard to be where I am.

I realized that I had to literally slog over the years to ensure I keep my job and also plan for the future of the family and to keep growing in the career, the journey was not easy either.

In pursuit of getting a Work permit. Competition was always around you In the office.

Work permit for sure has its perks, everything was taken care by the company from Job to relocation I had little to do from my end. But still back of my mind I knew it was temporary.

I was once in US on L1 visa having a good time as it was three years visa I had taken along my family too, it was a dream come true I was living the American dream decent house , children enrolled in better schools, life was smooth till the time came for extension of Visa.

For L1 visa extension I had to move out of US and reappear for in the US consulate with all the supporting documents and face the visa officer, Imagine the situation where you had endure all this when you are coming to terms that life was smooth.

I had seen rejections happening to my colleagues and they had to literally move out of US leaving everything behind abruptly that’s when i decided to lay back and re-align the way I look at my career choices,I had two clear choices.

1. Be back in India and not to take up any onsite jobs and lead a normal life and be content with what ever i am getting.

2. Opt for a permanent resident Visa in a country which has requirements for professionals such as me.

Option A was more lucrative but then growth in Indian companies was stagnant after certain level both opportunities wise and pay package.

I zeroed in for Option B which made a lot of sense as it gives you an opportunity to stay back in India and apply for Permanent resident visa with no frills.

If I get the Permanent resident visa all is good if I don’t , I have nothing to lose other than just a beginners fee which was fine keeping in mind the #Permanent resident visa benefits.

  • Enjoy equal benefits plus pay scale equalling to the Citizen till I become one myself

  • Become citizen within no time

  • No dependency on the company for work permits, I can change job as per my wish

  • Spouse can work without any additional permits

  • Children’s education taken care till they are 16 years

  • Medicals benefits by the government

  • Better retirement homes

Last but not the least I can do any job other than IT job and still continue to earn decent money to support myself & family without worrying about Job during recession period which may not be possible due to societal stigma in India.

To get #Permanent resident Visa you have withstand the competition and fulfil all the visa requirements ,initially I assumed that every step would be tough but then I had taken the help of an Immigration consultant who helped in easing my burden to larger extent.

The best part of the process was I did not have to spend huge monies to begin the process for Permanent resident visa, it had various steps and amounts are divided accordingly.

It was time consuming but the wait for worth it for me it took close to 8 months to get a Permanent resident visa, where I have completed all the steps by being in India.

Finding a job took another 7 months for me, I did that by being in India and without leaving my current Job.

My opinion is Work permit is a good option but it is like a dream when you wake up the dream is gone, Permanent resident visa is the reality which is visible once you are awake giving you the much needed assurance.

Note: The Writer is an Australia PR Visa holder his opinions are independent in nature.


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