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Salesforce has been adjudged as number one company to work in the year 2018; the company has its headquarters in Salesforce Tower named after the company itself this iconic tower is located in San Francisco,California State.

Salesforce Tower

This Information Technology Giant which has been founded in the year 1999 by Mark Benioff and Parker Harris has 59 offices alone in USA of which major locations are San Francisco, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York; Atlanta and not to forget its presence around the world.

Salesforce employs around 44 thousand plus employees around the world, armed with such massive skilled employees from around the world the company’s revenues grew rapidly in the last 2 decades and currently the revenues 16 thousand millions plus.

Salesforce has not only been empowering their clients in a whole new way enabling them to stay connected with their customers using Salesforce CRM but also it has concentrated on enforcing their employees enabling them to outclass their individual capabilities and contribute to the company growth.

94% of the Salesforce employees have stated that Salesforce is the best company to work with as it provides.

  • Work & Life Balance

  • Great Challenges

  • Great Atmosphere

  • Great Rewards

  • Great Pride

  • Great Communication

  • Great Bosses.



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