World’s Most Powerful Passports

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

You have most likely heard about world’s most powerful countries or Superpowers of the world such as USA , Russia, China, France ,Germany, India, United Kingdom and Japan, there are known to be powerful countries which have the capacity to project dominating power and influence rest of the world with their prowess.

A country attains superpower status by not just having the strongest military but also is economically strong, having abundant scientific pool, politically stable and most importantly self-sufficient.

Have you ever thought that a normal citizen could be as powerful as a superpower! Yes you can be if your Country's Passport has made it to the World's passport rankings.

Top Countries with “World’s Most Powerful Passports

Countries with World's most powerful passports are ranked according to the total no of other Countries which the Citizen/Passport holder of that Country can access without having a Visa or availing Visa on Arrival facility.

You can become a Citizen of Canada and Australia which are ranked among the countries with World’s most powerful passports.

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